Keep Your Solar Working For You

Maintaining your Solar PV system is easy. Simply monitoring your systems performance through your power bill and doing regular visual inspections of your Inverter and Panels, can ensure your investment is running at peak efficiency, giving you clean, renewable Solar power every day.

Inverter Repairs

In the rare event you notice your Inverter screen is blank (aside from when the sun is down) or you notice it displaying a fault code, your Inverter may need help.

We can talk you through a few easy steps to reset your Inverter, which may resolve the issue. If not, we can advise you who to contact to make a Warranty Claim through your Manufacturer.

If your Inverter or Solar Panels require replacement or repair, we can help. Contact Us or call us on 07 5522 9812 for more information.

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Every Month

We recommend checking your Inverter screen display is on and recording production. 


Every 3-4 Months

We recommend a visual check of your panels, to ensure there is no shading of panels, and no dust or dirt has accumulated. 

If panel cleaning is required, please follow the advice below.

If you find your Solar PV System production has reduced and you have followed these maintenance guidelines, Contact Us to arrange a quote for a System Health Check.

Panel Cleaning

Rain does a great job of cleaning the panels for you. However, if needed, you can rinse off the panels with clean water from your garden hose. We always suggest that panel washing be done from ground level.

We strongly recommend you do not use bore water, detergents, cleaning chemicals or abrasive products as these can damage the panels and inhibit performance.

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Commercial Installations and Multi-Story Installations may require professional cleaning

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