Powering your Business.

Commercial Solar

installations represent value across numerous business sectors.

Commercial Solar

Experienced in delivering Commercial Installations from 5kW to 300kW, Freedom Electrical & Energy Solutions will customise a system, to meet your business’s needs.

We will prepare a detailed Solar Proposal outlining; Solar Production Projections, Financial Saving Projections, Return on Investment Figures and a Virtual System Design based on your Business’s power consumption history.

You can be assured our experienced team will deliver an installation of the highest quality with minimal disruption to your business operations.

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Benefits of Commercial Solar

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Solar power your operations and significantly reduce the cost of powering your Business.

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Return on Investment

Investing in Solar is win-win. Your Solar will pay for itself and you continue to save money year after year, for life of your system.

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An important consideration of Business is the impact of your Business on the environment, it’s carbon footprint. Solar is an easy way to take big steps, to create a small footprint. Generating cleaner, greener energy to power your business.

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Your Commercial Solar Proposal includes:


Financial Projections


Solar Output Projections


Return on Investment Figures


Virtual System Design

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