Freedom Electrical & Energy Solutions offer solar panel cleaning maintenance services Gold Coast Brisbane Tweed Heads and surrounds for any grid-connected solar power system installed on the Gold coast Brisbane area we ensure that everything is working correctly and you’re getting the optimum output from your solar power system.
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Maintaining your solar system could save hundreds of dollars a year off your electricity bill!

You will need solar panel cleaning maintenance services when dirt and grime build up on your solar panels have the ability to decrease the productivity of your solar panels to work at their full capacity. Whether it’s from the salty sea air, or your local bird or bat droppings there are a few environmental issues that contribute to the decrease in efficiency of your solar panels.

In some cases a regular clean and checkup of your system could increase generation by a whopping 40%?

Freedom Electrical & Energy solutions unlike most other “panel cleaning companies” actually use their own installation teams to carry out cleaning and maintenance of systems, this allows an experienced accredited installer to go through and check your system properly and give you correct educated information whilst the offside cleans your panels.


Why is Solar Panel Cleaning and maintenance necessary?

The Clean Energy council (governing advisory body for solar systems in Australia) has now suggested that every solar system installed comes with a maintenance schedule.

This is in conjunction with Panel and inverter manufactures who say that systems should be regularly checked, cleaned and maintained.

Lots of installation companies have it in their small print that installation warranties will be voided

Not only do the manufacturers recommend it, regular solar system checks increase generation they also allow an accredited installer to make sure your system is working correctly and diagnose why if it is not



FREEDOM Health Check – solar panel cleaning and maintenance check from just $299*

All of our maintenance services are carried out by a CEC accredited installation teams and includes:

  • Detailed Inspection of your solar panel system
  • Cleaning of solar panels
  • Removal of debris surrounding the solar panel array and cabling
  • Power output check
  • Cable check
  • Mounting check
  • Test switches
  • Signage check
  • Re-application of sealer if necessary

We offer our Solar Panel clean and maintenance service as a once off service or you may choose to sign up for our annual maintance plan

*Quoted price includes up to a 20 solar panel system on a single story house within 50 km drive from Robina Gold Coast, Queensland. Add $50 for a double story house. For larger systems, please contact for a price.